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Specializing in basic obedience, advanced obedience, service dog training, puppy training, behavior modification, aggression/reactivity and much more!! Learn more about how we achieve lifetime results with our Universal Pet Approach and discover the passion of our training staff in our About Us section! 


The NEW and improved Infinity K9- using the Universal Pet Approach

Infinity K9 and partnering business A & J Pet Services, LLC will now take a universal approach to training and pet sitting. This means that we help you build your dog into a more balanced member of the family from the inside out! By taking a universal approach, we focus on the mind, body and soul of your dog.

We define the universal pet approach as an all-encompassing outlook on a dog’s life. Whether it be pet sitting, training or both we want to look at all the puzzle pieces. The UPA demonstrates the importance of a balanced way of living with dogs. Modern day chaos creates confusion, reactivity and causes dogs to go crazy. We take a universal approach to training & pet sitting that focuses on obtaining lifetime results, not just temporary solutions. We strive to uncover the underlying issues by tapping into the dog’s mind, body and soul. Many behavioral issues dogs show can be related to imbalances, chaos and lack of proprioception. Proprioception is the dog’s ability to orient their bodies in space.