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Kaycee Clemens

Hello! I’m Kathleen (Kaycee) Clemens, the owner and one of the trainers at Infinity K9 Training LLC. My dog training journey began in 2014. I had just separated from the U.S. Army where I served as a Combat Medic and, though I loved working with people, I always had a passion for dogs! Even as a child, I knew I wanted to be in a profession that allowed me to help dogs and their owners. I came across a scholarship opportunity with Animal Behavior College (ABC) where I began learning the foundations of becoming a dog trainer. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with the trade and I knew I wanted to be a trainer more than anything! After completing my course at ABC, I continued to learn all I could about animal behavior, psychology, and all the different training methods that were out there! I worked with several mentors, volunteered at shelters, read countless books, and utilized online resources to mold myself into the trainer I wanted to be. I dreamed of the day I could open my own business and help dog owners everywhere achieve their training goals. Four years later, in the summer of 2018, my dream came true and I opened Infinity K9 Training LLC! Since then, I’ve helped clients and their families live better lives with their dogs using balanced, psychology-based training methods that work and truly last a lifetime!

More than just a trainer though, I'm a mother, I'm a military spouse, and I'm a dog owner. So, I understand the struggles that can sometimes present when it comes to finding the time to train your dog. Between jobs, caring for kids, housekeeping, and other tasks necessary to run a home, training the family dog may be the furthest thing from your mind. Let me assure you, I get it! But what if I were to tell you that I could fit training seamlessly into your everyday life? Better yet, what if your dog could be a bigger, better part of your lives? Each of you enriching the lives of the other. Together, we can make that possible! 


Pat Grisham


Patricia (Pat) Grisham is the executive administrator and evaluator at Infinity K9 Training LLC. Her primary tasks include keeping track of company finances, marketing, and doing free evaluations with potential clients. When you call/message us to set up your initial evaluation, this is the lady you will meet! 

Pat joined our team in Fall of 2018. Her two German shepherds, Beau and Shelby, were some of the first dogs trained by Infinity K9! After 20+ years as a medical office assistant, Pat was looking for a change of pace. Her love of animals and people led her here. Now, she spends her days meeting with potential clients and their dogs explaining the overall benefits of training and how we can help you! 


Megan Mason


Hello everyone! My name is Megan Mason. My career with animals started in 2006 when I earned my certificate in grooming from Penn Foster. However, I quickly realized that studying animals and their behavior in a book was completely different from interacting with them! Life eventually took me away from my dream of working with animals until 2010 when I landed a job as a Kennel Attendant in Raleigh, NC. My husband also brought home a Belgian Malinois puppy around that time and I quickly realized that he was no ordinary dog. Learning to train Duco was a rewarding challenge and it was then that I fell in love with training and the breed.

Now, I work as a veterinary nurse at an animal hospital in Crestview and Niceville. My experience handling all types of dogs knows no bounds! I am well versed in reading body language and am able to act accordingly when a dog comes into the clinic. Every breed is different and every dog within that breed differs in personality. I pride myself in distinguishing these unique personality traits and capitalizing on the good stuff while helping a dog overcome the less favorable habits. Dogs communicate through body language, from the different levels of pitch in our voices to the way we carry ourselves. My goal is to help the dog become more confident and help their owners learn the skills necessary to enjoy their dog's company even more! With my background in human and animal psychology, I will strive to listen attentively to clients concerns and needs while helping them learn how to communicate effectively with their furry companion.

Currently, I have 4 Belgian Malinois: Duco, Sasja, Thor, and Boomer. They are my world! I am also an active member/foster with American Belgian Malinois rescue and have a passion for challenging cases and working line dogs. My confidence and passion shows through in everything I do and I looking forward to working with you and your fur kids!


Anna Thompson

Hello everyone! My name is Anna Thompson, I have always been extremely passionate about animals! I have about 10 years of experience handling different dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages! I have been professionally pet sitting for 3 years now and run my business A & J Pet Services, LLC full time. I became interested in dog training when we took our own dogs through it when we lived in Panama City. Thankfully the flexibility of being a pet sitter gave me the opportunity to pursue dog training as well! I love learning new things within the pet industry and I look forward to continuing my education with dogs through dog training!

I seriously love my jobs as a pet sitter and dog trainer, and I absolutely love the feeling of success when I see a dog understand a cue or getting to enjoy a perfect walk with their owner like they never could before! Dog training is more than just helping a dog live a fuller life but also their family create a closer bond with their dog(s)!

I look forward to meeting new people and pups throughout this journey! I know firsthand how incredible it is to go through training and to practice training with your dog as I really enjoyed and continue to enjoy it with my own two Australian Shepherds, Adidas and Jordan.


Ashley Oullette


Hello!! My name is Ashley Ouellette. I am originally from Massachusetts and moved down here to the lovely Florida Panhandle in early 2016. I have always had a passion for working with animals, especially dogs ever since I was little. It all started with being raised with former military shepherds. Seeing how well balanced and well trained they were made me realize that when I got my first dog that’s how they would be!

What I love about being a trainer is having the ability to help people and families live happily and peacefully with their dogs! It is really an amazing feeling when you can give a family a well trained dog and the tools for them to continue that training for the rest of there lives.

I am always looking for new information, techniques and ways to better improve my knowledge and understanding of the dog and dog training world!

Currently I own 1 German Shepherd and 2 Shepherd mixes. They are my pride and joys and another reason I love doing what I do!