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Private Lesson Package Options


New Dog/Puppy Basics $550

This 7-session package will help you prepare your home for a new dog or puppy. Whether you are buying from a breeder or adopting from a rescue, everyone can benefit from getting off on the right foot early! Prevent all those behavioral problems from the start. Learn to create a calm state of mind and build a relationship with your dog that will truly last a lifetime! Our Universal Approach to pet training will teach YOU the importance of proprioception, bodywork, proper nail care, quality nutrition and more! 

Topics include:

    * Building a training foundation 

    * Introduction to 'place' training

    * How to create proper balance and routines for a healthy lifestyle

    * How to deal with and prevent common puppy/new dog behaviors

              -nipping, chewing, digging, barking, etc. 

    * Potty training and more! 

Behavior Modification $550

This 7-session training program is designed to focus on solving any common problematic behaviors you’re experiencing with your dog! Only have a few problems that need to TLC? This is the package for you! Create your master list of problems and we will help you tackle each one. Please be reasonable with your lists as we do only have seven sessions together, so we need to use the time accordingly to fix major issues only. Additional sessions may be required depending on the number of problem behaviors needing tending to. This package also includes our Universal Approach to pet training that teaches YOU the importance of proper nutrition, bodywork, proprioception, proper nail care and more! 

Examples of common problem behaviors include:

       * Loose leash walking

       * Jumping, digging, chewing

       * Confidence issues

       * Aggression (case by case basis)

       * Potty training

       * Recall, etc. 

Additional topics included:

      * Proprioception

      * Bodywork

      * Proper nail care and nutrition 

      * How to create proper balance and routines for a healthy lifestyle 

Basic Obedience $1,000

Our MOST POPULAR package option!! Take your obedience game to new heights with our all-inclusive basic obedience program! This 14-session training program is designed to focus on leashed, basic commands. Our goal is to teach YOU how to train your dog while dealing with any problematic behaviors your struggling with. Whether your dog already has a foundation or knows nothing at all, this is the package for you! We will teach you how to communicate effectively in a way your dog will understand to build a stronger relationship between you! Using methods backed by modern psychology, we will help you build upon your preexisting obedience foundation or create a new one. Our trainers will be there every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of your training experience. This incredible package is sure to be a delight for any dog and dog owner! In addition, our Universal Approach to pet training will teach you the importance of proprioception, proper nutrition, body work, proper nail care and more! 

Topics include

    * Proprioception

    * Bodywork

    * Proper nail care and nutrition

    * How to create proper balance and routines for a healthy lifestyle 

    * Solutions to any/all common problem behaviors (See above for examples) 

    * Loose-leash walking 

    * Sit, stay, down and on-leash recall (come command) 

    * 'Place' training

    * Introduction to off-leash recall (come command) 

Advanced Obedience $1,300

This 18-session package focuses on leash-free commands! Want the ultimate freedom for your canine companion? There’s nothing better than a leash-free walk through the park for you and your dog. In this package, we build upon the commands learned in the basic obedience program by increasing the 3D's of dog training (distance, duration and distraction) and we teach YOU how to train your dog off-leash anywhere! Our trainers strive for the overall safety and well-being of each dog we train so, rest assured, all off-leash sessions have the safety of your dog at heart. As before, our training staff will be there every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of your training experience! In addition, this package includes the Universal Pet Approach that is designed to teach you the importance of proprioception, bodywork, proper nutrition, proper nail care and more! 

Topics include:

    * Off-leash sit, down, stay, recall

    * Heeling

    * Distance commands

    * Implied stay

    * Look/Focus command

    * Auto sit

    * Body, Nail care, Nutrition and more!

Service Dog Package $2,000

This 20-session package is designed to take your dog from zero to hero! Our service dog training package is designed for those dogs that have already completed our basic and advanced obedience programs . It's important to note, not all dogs are meant to be service dogs! Pups going into this package should and will be thoroughly temperament tested prior to beginning training. 

This all-inclusive service dog package will ensure that you and your service dog are ready to handle anything that the public throws at you! Our training staff will teach you everything there is to know about owning a service dog including your rights, what people can ask you in public and more! Learn how to train general service dog tasks and tasks related directly to your disability. In addition, we will assist you with public access training your service dog to make this the absolute perfect package for you! Lastly, this package includes our Universal Pet Approach that explains the importance of bodywork, proprioception, proper nail and body care, proper nutrition and more! 

Topics include:

    * Public access

    * General service dog knowledge and helpful tips

    * Disability related tasks

    * General Service Dog tasks

    * Proper body/nail care

    * Proper Nutrition & Diet

Former Client Refresher Course $200

Been a while since you've worked with a trainer? Need just a quick refresher on some techniques/tools? Then, this package is perfect for you! Our former client refresher course is for former clients of Infinity K9 Training ONLY! 

This 4-session package is designed to offer former clients an opportunity to refresh their handling skills or for dogs that just need a little extra TLC! We will use our time to practice in the areas that need the most work. Make us a list of areas you'd like to perfect and our training staff will help you every step of the way! 

Topics can include:

      * Touch up on handling skills (leash work, etc.)

      * Loose leash walking refresher

      * Sit, down, stay place refresher

      * Dealing with new or recurring problem behaviors

      * Just need a few extra sessions for public access, problem behaviors, etc.! 

Universal Body Care Package $500

Body care for our dogs is incredibly important! Dogs can often experience tightness and stiffness in their muscles that can lead to soreness. Muscle soreness in dogs can lead to issues in natal conformation which effects the way dogs communicate with each other! Since dogs communicate with their bodies, when one dog is stiff and sore it will affect their language ability. Speaking through a 'speech impediment' can lead to issues with aggression, reactivity, fearfulness, lack of confidence and more! 

This 6-session package is designed to help those dogs who need some extra TLC! We will teach YOU the art of canine bodywork to help your beloved pup live a long and happy life! Loosen up all those stiff joints and muscles in this amazing package! 

Topics include:

      * Canine bodywork

      * Proprioception training