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Seminars & Single Session Options


Loose-Leash Walking Seminar $30

This 1-hour session is designed to teach YOU how to up your leash walking game! We work privately with you and your dog to help you enjoy your walks around the neighborhood. Taking your pup(s) for a walk is extremely important. Why not enjoy those daily walks even more! 

** Training materials not included but can be purchased separately at the end of the session!  

Introduction to Baby Seminar $100

This 3-session seminar is designed to help you prepare your dog and household for a new baby! Cohabitation between your new bundle of joy and your beloved family pet is important! We will teach you how to build the best possible relationship between dog and baby. 

Topics include:

      * Creating safe spaces

      * Prepping your dog for the new arrival

      * Building good routines and habits for success

AKC Puppy Star/CGC/CGCA/CGCU Tests $50 per test

The AKC offers a variety of tests that are a testimonial to a dog's training and temperament. Each test has different requirements that the dog(s) will have to complete prior to receiving a certificate! Please visit the AKC website for more information and details about each test! Contact us to schedule to have an evaluator come out and certify your pup! 

Tests available:

      * AKC Puppy Star

      * AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen)

      * AKC CGCA (Canine Good Citizen, Advanced)

      * AKC CGCU (Canine Good Citizen, Urban)

Single Sessions $30 for 30 minutes

Just need a little bit of time with a professional trainer? Not interested in the commitment of the larger packages? Than our single sessions are perfect for you! These no commitment sessions can be scheduled sporadically at the convenience of the client and the trainer! No strings attached! For just $30, we will spend 30 minutes going over the topic of your choosing! 

Topics include (but are not limited to):

      * Loose leash walking

      * Basic or advanced commands

      * Public access training

      * Behavior modification (jumping, barking, chewing, etc.)

      * Puppy basics (potty training, kennel training, etc.)

      * Proper balance and routines

      * Proprioception and MORE!